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E-maxx vs. T-maxx

Run Time

When the T-maxx is filled up to capacity with 20-percent Nitro fuel, it runs for about 20 minutes. When the E-maxx is set up and ran using two 3000 mAh NiMH stick packs, the run time is about 15-20 minutes.

E-maxx - 18 minutes
T-maxx - 20 minutes
Winner - T-maxx

Top Speed

The stock T-maxx .15 and the stock E-maxx with 7 cell batteries both run about the same top speed, 30 mph. However, the new stock T-maxx 2.5 runs about 40 mph, thats 10 mph faster than a stock E-maxx.

E-maxx (14 cells) - 30+ mph
T-maxx (.15 engine) - 30+ mph
Winner - Tie

E-maxx (14 cells) - 30+ mph
T-maxx (2.5 engine) - 40+ mph
Winner - T-maxx


Due to the 2 Titan 550 motors, the E-maxx wins this one. The E-maxx has better acceleration than the T-maxx, so therefore it can reach top speed faster. Power can be spooled up in the electric E-maxx faster than a T-maxx. The E-maxx can even climb over a T-maxx.

Winner - E-maxx


Both the E-maxx and T-maxx have powerfull brake systems. The T-maxx uses a disc brake that lets you choose how fast you want to slow down. The E-maxx's EVX speed contol provides brakes to stop the E-maxx quickly. The speed control has 3 settings...
1) Forward & Reverse with brakes.
2) Forward & Reverse without brakes.
3) Forward only with brakes.

Winner - Tie

Tug Of War

Due to the instant power of the E-maxx's first gear, it can eaisly pull a T-maxx .15 accross the street. It takes the T-maxx time before it has full power, the 550 motors of an E-maxx provide instant power.

Winner - E-maxx


Both the E-Maxx and T-maxx have basically the same set up. The E-maxx weighs a few pounds more than the T-maxx due to the batteries, but besides that, both handle the same. Both trucks have the same suspension system and tires.

Winner - Tie


Yes, parts do break on both trucks. However, most hobby shops carry spare parts for maxx trucks. The E-maxx and T-maxx both use the same parts and they are eaisly available. It all depends on how you drive the truck. If you drive it like a mad man, then you will break more parts.

Winner - Tie


There are many places that sell Maxx trucks. Prices range from anywhere from to per truck. The E-maxx is usually - cheaper than a T-maxx.

Winner - E-maxx

More information regarding the E-maxx vs. T-maxx can be found in Radio Control Car Action Magazine's E-Maxx vs. T-maxx Shootout. The address is